Wednesday, May 10, 2006

WAIT!!! I'm not ready yet!

Trey was my bumper baby. We stumbled and fumbled and really didn't know what to do and poor thing was the baby guinea pig. I joked I'd keep him in a crib until he was 7 since that kept him in his room in the wee hours of the morning, and that the baby monitor would stay there forever. Of course, I'd disguise it, make it look like it belonged there, sort of like the smoke detector. What a great spy device when he's older!! We nudged him into a toddler bed at three. He didn't really care one way or the other, but I figured that he was potty trained, and needed to be able to get out of bed should the need arise. We banished the sippy cup on his fourth birthday. He's not interested in Sesame Street anymore. We signed him up for soccer. These are all good things (except the Sesame Street part). Trey is less than six months away from turning a whole hand.

Leah is not quite two. We have exactly one month. I am finally able to pull what little hair she has and put it into two little whispy pony tails with rubber bands the same size as the ones I wore in my mouth when I had braces. She threw a HUGE fit because the capri pants that belong to a particular outfit she has were too big for her supermodel toddler waist and I had to put different ones on. Ones that didn't go perfectly with the outfit. Cried. For ten minutes. Tried to get out of the offending capris, so as to put the right ones on. I found a pair of shoes for her for fall. Brown leather Mary Janes. Very Skecher-y. THOSE are the shoes she wants on all the time, nevermind that they are two sizes too big.

Now, she's crawling out of her crib. It's on the lowest possible setting. She's not two. I'm not ready for her to be in a toddler bed. Remember? Trey? 3 1/2 and still in a crib? Hmm, maybe I can negotiate and get her out of diapers before the summer's over. Oh yeah, did I mention she will not give up the boob???

I am SO ready for that to be done with.

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Judy said...

Oh poor you! Actually, I miss the nursing (and I weaned Tyler back in November, much to my dismay, but we were going to be apart for about 4 days and it was the easiest way to do it)...but I think I'd have to tell Tyler at this point to open the fridge and get the milk himself. :-) And crawling out of the crib??? Eeks - whisper that when you say it - I don't want Tyler getting any ideas!

HUGS to you - it is tough to watch them get bigger, isn't it?