Friday, May 19, 2006

I Can't Even Afford to be Trailer Trash

When I get something in my head, it sticks until my brain is satisfied with the answer. This means weeping and gnashing of teeth within the household. I'm sick of it, Bill's sick of it, the cats are sick of it, Google is sick of it. Brain. Will not stop.

I'm back to the whole homebuying thing. The market is slowing down, prices are dropping and our rent is going up. Who decided that San Diego, my hometown, needed to be one of the most expensive places to live?? Unless I work full-time, we will start out in a two bedroom condo. TWO bedroom. We are now renting a four bedroom house. I will have to eBay half of our posessions, which requires me to actually list them on eBay. I've had an eBay box just waiting to be photographed and listed for about four years now. It's full of items we either outgrew, never liked or didn't return to the store within the stores return policy time frame. My children will have to share a room. We will be sharing a wall with someone else again. No yard. No garage for the car, for it will hold all the things that don't fit in the condo that we are not willing to part with, like Christmas decorations, PartyLite product and Tupperware so old it says "Tupperseal" on it. We are children of packrats. We love to purge but some things have a strong magnetic field and fly right back out of the Goodwill box.

Our bank is awesome in that it offers a zero down (because, honestly, who has $60,000 sitting around?) and zero PMI for us little veteran families. It's nice to know that if you're willing to deploy and risk your life for the freedom of others that there's someone out there willing to help you own your own piece of the pie. We just need to see what they think we can afford. And I need Bill's deployment money to pay off a few things and add to the bank balance.

HGTV notified me that the average price for a single family home in San Antonio is $150,000. The average price for a three bedroom condo here is $400,000. Where are all these people coming from who can afford the SINGLE family homes and what do they do for a living??? Do you think one of them would adopt me?


Manda said...

What about base housing? You are so silly!

Judy said...

Then come to San Antonio!!!! The houses are large, the lots are large and everything is (relatively) cheap!