Friday, August 26, 2005

Self Portrait Friday!

Brought to you by Katy.

Ok, so I've only played once, but here's the theme for this week: You and a friend. So many of my friends have come on gone due to the military, but this one can't leave me...I'm living in her house. BWHAHAHA!! See how tricky I am at hanging onto my friends? She's currently up in the Bay Area while her hubby is in the officer program for the Navy so we're holding down the fort while they're gone. This is Shea and I in San Francisco January 2004. I was four mos preggers with Leah and my two year old was running around the square...somewhere.

Here's our two oldest. Aren't they just beautiful? That's a clearance rack behind them, at the GAP. Not much more beautiful than that!

Here they are, waiting for us at Starbucks. These two have spent most of their childhood at the Gap and Starbucks. So sad.

Here's my honest and for true best friend:

Id'n he cute?

You should play too!


Judy said...

Love your pics! They are so cute - the kids are adorable!

Checking out that ticker! YAY!

Bill said...

Well, PJ, you posted the only picture I have of me and a friend ;-) unless you count the portrait of me and the Bug. SHMILY! :D

Beth said...

We have 1 starbucks here, but it doesn't make any money, because Tim Hortons rocks....
Love the pics the kids are adorable! Love the pic of you and hubby, atleast its a nice one if its the only one.

kristal said...

How fun! I need to find a picture of me and a friend so I can do it too.

Thanks for your comment today. I really appreciated it. It was nice to hear from so many different people.

Lia said...

nice pix - what a cute idea.