Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in no Particular Order

The Bad: My children were horrible, rotten beasts today...both of them. They seem to think that the words coming out of my mouth and my mom's mouth are akin to the teacher on Charlie Brown. So I asked my mom: "Were kids like this in the 50's and 60's?"
"No, they would just get smacked."
"Yeah, but I don't want to go to jail."

The Ugly: I have ants. Ugh!! I clean up these pests daily. I don't know what they are after as there is NOTHING on my counter or sink or floor for them to BE after, what, after cleaning them up every stinking day. They aren't outside. They are in the walls. They were coming through the space between the counter and the dishwasher. Sprayed. Then the space between the back of my Tupperware cabinet and the wall. Sprayed. Now my Tupperware is on my counter until I can get in there and remove any poisonous residue. They were coming in through a minute hole between the grout in the counter where it meets with the side of the cabinet. There must be ants in hell. They can find their way anywhere.

The Good. Bill is coming home even earlier than expected. When he left we were told he would be home on or about October 1st. Then he was approved to come home with the Advanced Party so that meant he'd be home around September 16th. Now I'm being told he'll be home no later than September 12th.

Thank you, God. I need to get out of my life for a day before I implode.


k8 said...

i have had ants off and on forever. i've had exterminators, and everything else u can think off. the only thing that works is raid outdoor ant spikes around the outside of your house and you have to change them regularly. just try em, youll like em.

graceful said...

Some people say that they use Cream of Wheat or instant potatoes in their house (non-toxic) to get rid of ants. I guess the theory is that the ants bring the stuff to their homes & drink water & basically blow up.

For outside people say that Terra bait traps (can be found at Walmart) work well.

raychie said...

I have also heard that chalk works (Yes like children's sidewalk chalk). You just crush it and leave it where the ants are coming in. My Aunt told me about this so I'm not sure if it works. Anyway..So happy for you only...20 days or so until you have your other half is back!! :)

Judy said...

Oh WOW! Yay for you and Bill! That's exciting news!

Can't help you with the ants - sounds like they are in cahoots with our resident pests.

Beth said...

That is so great to hear that hubby is coming home. Wow there is going to be alot of cath-up in that house if ya know what I mean wink wink!

Humor Girl said...

Ants are the worst! It takes them NO time to organize a mission and before you know it you have an whole line of them coming from who knows where and leading to one TINY piece of something int he sink!? AGH!

PS You're exactly right! :) It was mission beach.