Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No Pain No Gain

I just tried that new Microdermabrasion stuff from L'Oreal. I must say, it's quite an experience. If you've ever eaten it at the beach where you think you've just recovered from the biggest wave you've ever survived, only to surface and before you can take a breath you get knocked down and smashed on the ocean floor, your face being dragged across the course grains of sand and salt and remnants of calcified sea creatures then you've experienced what your face will feel like as you're going through the "cleansing" part.

But then there's that part where you finally surface and can breathe and the water is calm again and the water has finally left your sinus cavities. The sun is shining and your friends are waiting for you on shore with ice cream. That's what the after part feels like. My face is smooth and clean and oh so baby soft. It really does feel like I've had a professional facial (which, by the way, I have had and man, it hurt then, too) but this was for a mere $20 AND I had a coupon for $2 off.

Bonus? $3 coupon in the package that won't expire till 2008!!

If you'd like to experience the wrath that normally occurs at San Clemente State beach and pretend to be in California for a day, I highly recommend this product.


Bill said...

Remember that skit at church that Chris was in? "Honey, you really need Girlfriendz." lol
I love you :-*

Beth said...

OMG I don't know if I like the feel of my skin being ripped apart with sand. Maybe this product is not for me lol.

Judy said...

I have been wondering about this stuff! I've seen it and have been considering it, but I didn't want to sink $20 into it before I knew someone who had tried it! Thanks for the review!

Sandy said...

lol! I've had many a free facial cleanser via wipeout, but my skin never felt baby soft after! I guess it's worth a try....sure could use SOMETHING!
Just blog surfing and came across your interesting blog name! I LOVE your graphic.

Jayleigh said...


Oh that had me laughing like crazy. I guess I'll try the product now... I was really skeptical.


Katy said...

I am SOLD!!!;)