Monday, August 22, 2005

Mento(e)s, the Freshmaker

Every day I hear, " wanna play on my swingset?" And every day I say, "Yeah...hang on." Today I made him wait until Leah woke up. It's just not fair if you're sleeping and the other kid gets to do all the fun things. Plus, it bought me a few minutes before all the pushing began. Didn't I do enough pushing to get these two here in the first place??

Leah's in one of those red bucket seats while Trey is in the very big kid swing and in order to keep Leah's interest and let her know I haven't forgotten about her even though most of my attention is going to that tall blonde kid who keeps telling me "higher mommy! HIGHER!!" I'll do silly things like blow raspberries at her when she approaches or pinch her fat little calves or pinch her toes. When you do something for one, ya gotta do it for the other. I'm an only child, but I still know that rule. So what does his royal Trey-ness request? "Eat my feet, Mommy!"

"Eeeewwww!" I reply accompanied by a look of disgust on my face which makes Trey burst into a fit of giggles. Gross things are funny when you're a boy, especially when you've grossed out your mom. This goes on for five minutes. Eat my feet....eww, my feet....ewww, no....hahahah and so on and so forth. After my arms were too tired to push anymore we headed inside. Trey's bare feet were covered in grass clippings so I reminded him to wipe his feet as we entered the house.

"Mommy, they're all clean now. You wanna eat them?"

Hmm, at least he's hygenic.


Chevy Rose said...

Trust me when I say, "eat them up now while you can". Storing memories in your memory bank, is a treasure that will keep you warm years from now. Be prepared also for him to say, "Ah, Mom, don't kiss me in front of the school!"....haha

Judy said...

I agree - enjoy it now...I have 6 year old feet here that have to be WELL WASHED before I'll kiss em! Ew! 6 years of running in the bare grass and walking on sidewalks, six years of stinky shoes and smelly starts to become, well, PERMANENT.

FFwife said...

Awww. That is very sweet. Kids just make your heart smile.