Thursday, March 10, 2005

It Skipped a Generation

The bedtime ritual consists of:
Putting both kids in pajamas
Brushing Trey's teeth and washing his hands and face
Putting Trey into bed and reading to him while holding Leah
Singing three silly songs to Trey
Get situated (the stuffed animals must always be in their correct position)
Lights out
Nurse Leah
Put Leah to bed

While I was bringing Leah back upstairs I could hear Trey moving around in his room. Since Bill left, he's been turning his light on and when I check on the kids before I go to bed I have to turn it off before I place Trey's blankets back on him and remove any toys he's managed to stow away that I wasn't aware of. I stood quietly outside his door for a moment to see if I could tell what he was doing. Honestly, it sounded like he was emptying his toy box. It was already an hour past his bedtime. I quietly opened the door and peeked inside to find him lying quietly in his bed playing with a borrowed toy helicopter he's been sleeping with. As I looked at him, he declares, "I put my toys away." May I ask what child gets out of bed to put his toys away without being asked? Mine. He put away his two toy trucks and his blocks and I didn't say ANYTHING to him about them being in the middle of the floor. Where does he get this from? Certainly not me. Sorry, mom, that this is the child you always wanted and I got him!

Here's a picture I snapped of him when he decided he wanted to sweep up the cat food that had managed to get on the kitchen floor.

He's going to tell me, "Mommy, we're not going anywhere until you clean up your room!"

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