Saturday, December 09, 2006

Top Ten Signs You Work for a Youth Pastor

10. When you gracefully point out a mistake he’s made, he doesn’t say, “You’re kidding!” or “Oh…really?” He says, “SHUT UP!” in disbelief.

9. He ‘dresses up’ by putting on a button down shirt, his jeans that don’t have holes and his black Converse shoes.

8. He makes fun of the fact that a certain someone, ahem(me), is out of her twenties even though he is only six months away himself.

7. There’s a picture hanging in the office of a kid pulling out a giant wedgie.

6. Your office is the only one in the entire building that looks and sometimes smells as though it had teenagers living in it.

5. He ‘does lunch’ with clients at Costco.

4. When told a white elephant gift should be brought to the annual Christmas party, it is not to be a nice knick knack or scented lotion that can be re-gifted. We are instructed to find the most heinous thing possible, wrap it up and try not to laugh when the unsuspecting victim chooses the box you brought.

3. You’re expected to help organize him, even though he’s beyond help.

2. You’re asked to paint a sign, call around for refrigerator boxes and decipher the strange substance in the Rubbermaid container hiding in the fridge all in the same week…and you’re technically supposed to be the one who just does the paperwork.

And the number one sign you work for a youth pastor:

1. He forgets to tell you that he will be on vacation this week until he’s actually on the road and calls from his cell phone…and oh yeah, if you want, you can take some time off too.


Judy said...

Change the title to this to "Top Ten Signs You Work For A Church's Education Director" and you have my job! Okay, my OTHER job, aside from teaching!

Bill said...

Yes, but just think of how easy it will seem by comparison when the Bug is a teen. You'll have all of this practice! =D