Friday, November 04, 2005

Time...time!! Who's got the time??!!

Halloween pictures aren't even uploaded yet. I haven't called back one of my best friends and it's overdue about two weeks (at least). I'm overdue for an eye appointment by two years. There are blogs I should have commented on or responded to, and I haven't. I need a few more hours in the day, please.

Bill's three week leave period has come to an end. We did nothing significant. Not one thing. I worked. I did the MOPS thing including leading the devotional yesterday. I've gone to my women's Bible study. Trey went to school. We started choir practice for the Hanging of the Greens program in December. We've started an artists' Bible study. Bill has a race he's running with a buddy tomorrow morning that he's been training for. Trey started speech therapy today. Too much going on.

Bill's parents fly in tomorrow morning and are here for about ten days to really sink their teeth into their grandchildren. Bill and I will both be working and doing our thang while Trey is in school, so really, they'll only get to sink their teeth into Leah. She's a sly one, that girl. Just when you think she's oozing with cuteness, she'll turn on you and scratch your face off. She's dangerous.

Bill and I and the future inlaws to our son are going to see Jarhead on Sunday. When we saw the previews at the theater a month or so ago we knew we had to see it. We're dragging our friends to it since we're also dragging them to the annual Marine Corps Birthday ball over Labor Day Veteran's Day weekend and they are military virgins. This, at least, will help them to see where Bill's coming from. Yessiree...busy life, inlaws visit, movie date and then Vegas, baby. This will be my tenth Marine Corps ball. It's like prom, but for adults and with legal alcohol. This will be my second one in Vegas. We've gone to one on the Queen Mary in Longbeach, Laughlin, Midieval Times, and a few other local spots but we are going to Sin City and bringing people with us!! Our mode of transportation for the six hour drive? A minivan. How parental is that? Hey, it has more room than our SUV and they have a DVD player and there will be no Dora or Baby Einstein playing.

And on a completely different tangent, Trey's first day of speech therapy revealed that he's at the equivalency of a six year old. Whodathunkit? I think he's behind and he's actually two years ahead. Well, slap me silly and call me crazy!


Manda said...

We saw Jarhead on a sneak preview on thursday. One of the local radio stations gave the Marines 36 free tickets for the sneak preview. It was pretty good. I know u r busy girl. Talk to u soon!!!

Judy said...

Wowee- you are a busy girl, girl! Terrific news about Trey - I'm scared silly about Tyler's lack of speech and will try and talk to the doctor about it tomorrow.

Shelley said...

I'm right with you on needing a few more hours in the day. You guys definitely have a lot going on. Hope you have a great visit with Syl, Bill & Teresa.