Friday, November 11, 2005

Bad Blogger, BAD!!

I've been extremely neglectful of my previous ability to share with the world the goings on in Jennieland. It was a lot easier to do so whilst I was by myself. Now that I have my hubby home, there's always a reason to NOT be on the computer. I need to soak up every minute since he's currently scheduled to leave again next summer for a six month deployment to Okinawa, Japan. Man, it sucks but I'd rather he be there than in Iraq for the third time.

We've had a week with the Ohio people, aka Bill's family. His sister decided to lie to us and tell us that she was NOT coming out and then decided to show up on our doorstep like a lost puppy. Now we're one big, huge, giant family driving around in a minivan and having to compare schedules and shoving the kids off to the grandparents so we can go about our busy schedule. I wonder how much longer they are going to lie to themselves before they just get to it and move their little tushies out here.

Today is the big prep day for the weekend. There is cleaning, laundry, packing, shopping and a manicure needing to be done before we depart for Las Vegas tomorrow morning. Wouldn'tchaknowit...I'm sporting a cold flown all the way from Ohio and gracefully shared with me. Bah Humbug. Gotta remember to pack the Sudafed. Otherwise my head will explode when we drive through the Cajon pass on our way to Nevada. (If you clicked on that link, you'll see that the roadway was created by and earthquake!!) Man, I've been on that road countless times and never knew that!! Bill's parents are going to stay here and be eaten alive by entertain, love and nurture our children while we pretend we remember what it's like to be a couple without little bodies trying to squeeze in between us whenever we steal a hug. I get to dress up! And smell good! And no one will slobber or wipe their nose on me! And when I do my hair, it will stay that way! And I don't have to hide a spare pacifier in my purse! I have an awesome top to wear with my very cute jeans for our night on the town, a chunky sweater to wear while we're hitting the outlet stores and I will be wearing a dress for the first time in over two years. Not because I'm not a dress girl, but it's kind of hard to nurse when you have to lift your entire dress up to your collar bone. Most people wouldn't be very understanding of that whole situation. I'm hoping this trip will end my daughter's ongoing need to be attached to me. Please God!! On the plus side, I'll be very voluptuous in my dress by the end of the day which is not a term commonly used for someone who is 5'11" and 140 lbs. There you have it, internet. My weight officially posted for the world to see.

And THAT my friends, is how I'll be celebrating Veteran's Day. Happy 230 years, Marines.


Manda said...

I hope you have a great time Jen. Win some big money for Talk to you soon! I will be there in just over a week. WOOHOO

Judy said...

I wouldn't call you a 'bad' blogger, just a happily busy one!

Andrea said...

AAAGGGHHH! I hope you have fun in Vegas, but the more important thing is that you MUST come out to visit Bill while he's here. I can't believe it. I'm so excited. We never get visitors. The best thing is that I don't have to show Bill around. He already know's all the good places to go. My house is small but I do have a sofa sleeper that you are more than welcome to break in for me. Please keep me updated on the status of this deployment. We'd love to see ALL of you!! Take care!

Psychobabble said...

" but it's kind of hard to nurse when you have to lift your entire dress up to your collar bone."

Amen. The looks you get! (j/k)

Manda said...

Hey where are you!!!

Reuben Heyman-Kantor said...

Dear Jen,

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Reuben Heyman-Kantor