Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm So Not a Morning Person

I decided to go to bed early last night since I'd been working on the house all day and "done wored myseff out". So at midnight, I turned out the lights...yes, that's early. My alarm was set for six so I could lie comatose while half listening to the morning show before deciding I really need to get up and get going so I can get Trey to school. Yeah, that was my plan. Leah wanted to start the show an hour earlier. We sat in my room in the dark at 5 stinkin' am. I tried and tried and tried to get her to go back to sleep. I gave up at 5:45 and we came downstairs for coffee and a quick email check before going on to the other things of the day. Thirty minutes before we need to walk out the door, she passes out. I place her on the couch and Trey and I go about our morning business, doing the Morning Mambo, eating cold cereal and all other great things that belong to three year olds. I wake Leah up, put her and Trey in the car and off we go. I'm hoping at this point that she'll fall asleep on the way home and we can both take a little nap before it's time to retrieve the child from school. Power napping is not cool to a mom when it's the baby that actually got the power nap. Again, thirty minutes before we were to leave is when she finally fell asleep. I put Leah in the car again, but this time she started to cuss me out in baby speak which comes in the form of high pitched screaming and "din-din-din"ning at me.

After greeting me Trey immediately asks if we're going to the store. I don't know why this has become a Pavlovian response when I get him from school but I figured why not. "Which one do you want to go to" I ask.
"The Baby Store".
"Ok, sure." We spend a decent amount of time checking out all the baby store goodness when I decide it's time to head home. Both kids fall asleep in the car. Finally. I'll get to rest. Trey wakes up as soon as I get out.
"I'm so hungry!"
"Ok, you can have lunch but then you're taking a nap." I gently lift Leah out of her seat. Her head is heavy and so is her breathing. I'm holding the pacifier between my teeth just in case she wakes up. I carry her upstairs and lay her down oh so gently all the while holding my breath. I start to walk away...waaaahhhh! &%@#*!!! Back downstairs. Lunch to all. Kid number one is upstairs and tucked in by 3:00. Not too bad. Kid number two is...awake. She's so incredibly awake. She is not slowing down. Kid number one wakes up. No rest for the wicked.

Finally, at 6:00 Leah crashes. Hard. Only 30 minutes I promise her. An hour later I retrieve her. She wasn't easy to wake up. She wasn't easy to be around. For a solid hour she fought sleep. She looked like a character from the movie Dazed and Confused. I gave up and decided to put her back to bed at 8:00. Then the phone rang. And it rang again immediately after the last time it rang. And it woke Kid number two up.

So here I am with five hours of sleep and two awake children.

10:00 Trey is down
10:30 Leah is down
10:35 Jen is eating cereal for dinner...again.
11:15 Jen is running upstairs to see why Trey is crying and make sure he doesn't wake Leah.
11:16 Jen is running upstairs again for the same reason
11:20 Back upstairs
11:22 OH. MY. GOSH. Whatisyourproblem???

There was even hesitation at the top of the steps each time and as soon as my foot hit the bottom floor, Trey would start complaining. He's got a gift, that boy. He's inherited his father's dream/awake state and was dreaming while being audibly awake and was really pissed about something. I was trying to wake him up to get him out of it but he kept slipping back in. Finally, he realized he had to go to the bathroom.

Now I'm extra sleepy and typing this silly post about lack of sleep instead of actually doing so and in the process, have made it easy for YOU to sleep.

But wait! I have good news! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to...oh wrong thing. I found out today that Bill is finally in Kuwait and he is due home...
(dun dun dun)

{Doing a sleep deprived happy dance}


Judy said...

Oh! I loved the last part of your post!

You will have to post tons of pics so the rest of us in Blogworld can live vicariously through your reunion! YAY!

Sorry about the sleep, sister. I'm with you - Tyler's in our room this weekend while the in-laws are here, and Travis goes to sleep no earlier than 10, and gets up no later than 6:30 (with no nap). Tyler snores and tosses...there is no resting around here, either! Hang in there!

Katie said...

Sleep, what's that again? Good luck getting yours back into a normal schedule. Yippee for Wednesday!

Chad said...

I read Bill's site and dropped by to ask a question. Is he coming through DFW airport on his way back to you? I'd love to know. There's a huge greeting party that meets all of the returning soldiers. If he's passing through, I'd love to meet him there, just to say thanks.

Erik Holtan said...

Was the happy dance the same one that you and your husband are doing on the top of the site?
And I saw your comment on my site, and no it was Apple Valley Minnesot, but when I was active duty after high school, I wore this AVHS baseball shirt and people ALWAYS asked me if I was from Cal. I had never heard of it before! But hey, it made you post a comment so that is great!
Have a great weekend!

Cylithria™ said...

OOOH Sandy.....I got tears in my eyes in anticipation for you and Bill....... awwww I am so excited your hero is coming home Sandy!!!

When you do get a minute of time, tell Bill I send my gratitide to him and his unit. He really is a hero, all of them are!

Judy said...

Had to stop by again and say - THREE MORE DAYS!!!!

You need to change your ticker at the top of your page!