Wednesday, September 21, 2005

He's Finally Home

Start here and click next to view the homecoming pictures.

Thanks to everyone who sent a note of thanks, said a prayer or just stopped by to say hi during these last seven months. We're all happy to be together again as a family. A lot has changed to each and every one of us so we're all getting to know one another again. Bill is back to work until the rest of the unit comes home. He was part of the advanced party so only about 40 guys came home with him. The remaining 200 or so should be home within the next couple of weeks. After that they will all have about three weeks of leave.

Trey couldn't be more thrilled that his "buddy" is home. "Daddy, watch this. Daddy, come play. Daddy daddy daddy." He has so much to share with his daddy. Leah is slowly warming up to Bill, flirting cautiously but still prefers to be with me. Give it a month. She won't want anything but her daddy.

We have family coming out at the end of the month, I start work next week (another post) and Trey's birthday right around the corner. Then comes the holiday season and a whirlwind of activity. We'd planned to have a huge welcome home party but Bill's having a difficult time coping with crowds right now...a common thing when returning from war. He's making the rounds to those he wants to see and the rest will have to take a number =Þ

More to come...


Beth said...

YAY! Glad things are going so well, poor Bill with leah...I agree a couple of months she won't care about mommy, or is that just my daughter.
Love the pics, I thought the couple in the background of you and Bill was cute too...kissy kissy. Glad to hear everything is going great. Thanks for the update.

Judy said...

OUTSTANDING! The pics were great - thanks for including us in your little homecoming - you all look so happy. I'm just so glad you are all together.

Gosh, Trey looks JUST LIKE Bill!

Chevy Rose said...

So glad they made it back safe and sound. God bless our military.
Give him a big ((hug)) from this civilian.
And those photos are precious, thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

Wonderful pictures, you have such a gorgeous family!

Tammy said...

Yay, Bill is home. Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more.

Enjoy every minute as a family.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Babe...Ijust stopped tearing. Did you y hubby is a Marine? I think you do. I got to the 1/5 picture and was totally like no way! I didn't realize yours was infantry too.

We probably know some of the same people! Tooo tooo funny. We just got a 1st Sgt from 1/5 here in Nashville at the I&I. My hubby was a company commander at 2/4 before we got here.

Then I started looking at the pictures and I'm crying. The back gate at San soooo got me.
Oh hunny..I'm so happy for you!