Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm feeling uninspired to write anything postworthy. I actually just feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things I have left to do before the arrival of my husband. I have a laundry list that goes on and on and when one thing is checked off, three more make their way onto the end of it. I know that Bill really doesn't care if the grout in the kitchen is pearly white but he hasn't been home in seven months and I don't want him to see anything needing attention other than us. Besides, the last thing I'm going to want to do is clean when he's home. We are planning a short little getaway right after he gets back and it would be nice if I could leave the house with my to-do list done.

I think Bill is now in Kuwait. I'm not positive. I haven't received the official word yet but an unexpected email that greeted me this morning from Bill stated that they were headed out this morning, my time. One step closer. The government is great at hurry up and wait. He'll be in Kuwait until they get a plane to head back to the States.

I hope he doesn't mind, but I wanted to share an exerpt from a letter I received just the other day. You never realize what you truly have until you see what others lack:

"I want to feel a cool breeze on my face--not a wind that feels like it's from the fire of Hell.
I want to hear children laughing in their play without being afraid of getting blown up.
I want to wear something red or blue or even yellow for a change.
I want to be able to NOT shave one day a week and when I do shave, I want to use hot water.
I don't want to have to check and make sure I have my pistol when I go to church.
I want to sit in a large crowd and praise God with all the media we can use.
I don't want to hang up any more pictures [referring to those lost in the war]
I want to read my children bedtime stories.
I want to drive and if I have to walk, I want to do it without wearing 50+ pounds of gear to stay alive.
I want to drink water from a glass.
I want real coffee.
I want chinese food.
I want to chase Trey and marvel at Leah."

He then goes on to say he's selfish for wanting those things. Not at all Love...not one bit.

His welcome home banner is almost complete and my shipment of patriotic decorations arrived last week from Oriental Trading. When I get the phone call that they're in the air, I'll decorate the car and make arrangements for the kids. Beware...future posts are sure to have lots of pictures.


Andrea said...

I'm so happy he's finally coming home. I can only imagine how much of a long hard road it's been for all of you. Can't wait to see the pics! Love to all!

Katie said...

Post as many pictures as you want, you deserve it. Good luck completing your to do list!

Judy said...

I'm just all goosepimply thinking about how close you guys are to being back together. you are a real trooper, as is Bill. Hang in there - days, now!!!!

Tammy said...

Oh my Gosh, I am so excited for the both of you.
That letter was so sweet and so true. It really hits you. The things he goes through, wow.

I can't wait to hear, that he is home safe. Post all the pictures you can cause I can't wait to see them.

Bill said...

PJ, we made it to Circle K a few hours ago. Pretty funny story, actually. Remind me to tell you about it when I get home. Of course, now we just have to hope they can find us a flight home from here. One step closer... :-*