Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Random Ramblings

The bad thing about having a salad for dinner is that when I come home from church and put the kids to bed I'm so hungry that I eat more Ben & Jerry's than anticipated while watching some plastic surgery show in E!


Trey: Mommy! See the clouds?
Me: Yes Trey, they're very pretty.
Trey: Yeah, I wanna eat them!
Me: You want to eat them?!
Trey: Yeah! (giggle) nyarm nyarm (eating sounds)
Me: Hmm, what do clouds taste like?
Trey: Sheep!


Isn't it sad that I pulled into the gas station and was happy that gas was *only* $2.33? Come on you smarty-pants scientists, figure out a way to turn salt water into fuel already.


Judy said...

Mmmmm...sheep! Too cute!

I know what you mean about gas prices. There has GOT to be another way!

Tammy said...

2.33? Is that a litre? Here it is about 80-85 cents a litre.

Jen said...

No, you know us crazy Americans, always having to do things our way, not the Queen's. It's per gallon which I have no idea what that works out to per liter.