Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ins and Outs

I haven't felt inspired to post lately. Things have been humdrum around here which is good I suppose. My birthday was fun. Thanks to all you gals who sent me internet wishes. Judy, you're so fancy schmancy! Trey had his last day of school that day so it was just us girls, my mom, Leah and I. We shopped and ate and shopped some more. All in all a good day. I got flowers from my husband, my sister-in-law, and myself! Yes, I bought myself flowers. I've never done that before, but man, they were gorgeous, and hey, a girl deserves pink roses every once in a while, right?

I had a "tour" of a new preschool. This tour is actually more like an interview. Nothing too structured but they want to make sure your kid isn't going to bite the other ones and stick marbles up the blonde girl's nose. I was very impressed. You cannot even enter the school area, which includes K-8, without a passcode or you have to enter via the church office. The teaching style is based on Montessori curriculum and there's different stations set up throughout the classroom. It isn't strictly three year olds or four year olds. They're all grouped together to learn from each other. They have chapel every Friday and say the pledge each day. I think this is great since there's been so much poo-pooing of our Pledge of Allegiance due to separation of church and state blah blah blah. It's part of our country's heritage. Don't like it? Leave. Ok, done ranting. The school has been there for thirty years and one of the teachers has been there the whole time. There's no revolving door with the staff like there seemed to be at the last place. Trey won't start until July so I have to find a way to entertain him in the meantime.

He had his very first t-ball game on Saturday. Can I just tell you how cute it is to watch three and four year olds try to play this game. They have no concept of what they should do. At one point, three boys were running for the ball including the one who hit it. After the initial reservations about playing, Trey had a great time. I did, however, have to bribe him to finish the game by saying that if he stuck with it I'd take him to Burger King. Promises of french fries do wonders.


Andrea said...

I just bought Novella her first glove, t-ball bat, and t-ball. I'm so excited. I sign her up on June 1st and she starts in August. I can't wait. We've already been practicing. She's a natural!

Beth said...

I can't wait for my little ones to start sports. But there still too little. I use to teach a learn to skate program for kids between 4-8 and it was the best job ever. The school sounds sooo nice, we have a small town and nothing that good. We aren't religious, but here in Canada you have to go to a catholic school to get any religion. But I like how it sounds, hope this one works out. Oh and good job buying yourself flowers.

Judy said...

T-ball is great - makes for super home videos! Which reminds me, I need to charge up my battery for this weekend's game!

Good to see you post, even if you don't think you have anything to say. :-)

Sounds like you have a wonderful support system, especially with your mom around. Hang in there - I'm watching that ticker at the top of your page!