Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm a Believer

My orginal post on Friday talked about how I wasn't superstitious. Then my entry was eaten! So sorry, wicked ways of the world, I shall never taunt you and the powers of Friday the 13th again! Here it is again, rewritten, and therefore probably not as good as the original. Sequels usually aren't. The base closure list came out and thankfully none of the bases we're looking at or are currently at have been hit with a closed/cerrado sign. A lot of the bases in our area come up in discussion for closure annually because some people want to put in another airport. We already have a major airport and lots of little ones all over the county. Get over it! Transportation, I'm $ure, is not their main motivation. We've been in the middle of a base closure once before. It was a little strange knowing we would be forced to move and the military would no longer reside in that city. Our cute little house on the base in Irvine, along with the hundreds of others still sits vacant after 8 years and the city still can't decide what they want to do with them.

I allowed my children to eat cookies for breakfast on Friday. Well, not really but had they asked I probably would have let them. They let me sleep until 8:45! That's almost 9:00!! Do you know what a big deal that is?? I haven't slept that late in 10 1/2 weeks and that's a very long time for someone who loves to sleep. They were so good to me that day. Friday was deemed my big domestic day for my poor, neglected house. They kept themselves entertained for most of the day and I got a lot done. There's still a lot to do but it's much better. I think I need to get a job just so I can hire a cleaning service.

To family and friends: my mom finally got the promotion of Queen of all that is Financial, or in layman's terms, Branch Manager! Yay! Congrats mom, you deserve it. It's about time! Can I have $10?

And about my previous post regarding tourists: didja see the irony? Did you? Shooting tourists. On a Minnesota car. In California. Get it? Get it? Or is that Minnesohhhta, Eh? Don't send me any hate mail. I can make fun of the northern accent. Just a couple of generations ago my dad's side of the family immigrated to the northern U.S. from Canada. Well, if we want to go backwards, they came to Canada from Paris. So even though I'm French, which isn't a good thing to be if you're an American, they were smart enough to get out France! Why they came to the States, I don't know, but I'm glad they did. That's probably more family history than you wanted to know so I'm off to get more coffee before I get ready for church.


Judy said...

Been tracking those closures - we're close to San Antonio, and we have one that is totally closing, and two others that are having major layoffs. The one that will completely go away has known it was coming for a long time now, so I don't think it was THAT huge of a shock.

YAY for last Friday - send some of those sleep vibes my way if you have a few to spare!

Tammy said...

Hey Jen, I just stopped by to tell you that you have been TAGGED. Pop by my site to find out more. Ciao.