Friday, December 31, 2004

The Richest Kids in the World

We had an awesome Christmas. Our children are so spoiled. Leah is going to be quite the diva in her 632 new outfits while Trey will be the most intelligent child in preschool, having watched all of his Baby Einstein DVD's countless times every single day. Once Trey figured out what was going on, and that the presents under the tree were to be opened, he turned into a greedy little bug that had to be put in check a couple of times. When I was around his age, I crept out of my bedroom early Christmas morning and opened every single present under the tree. Ones that I found boring, I just tossed back under the tree muttering, "nope, not mine" without another thought that what I was doing might be wrong. Thankfully, I didn't have to worry about that...this year.

Bill's family is visiting us this Christmas which has made it that much more magical for my kids. Trey loves his Oma, Opa & Teresa and talked about them incessantly from Thanksgiving until they came in the front door and they are still the subject of his first conversation in the morning. Not only have my children been loved, spoiled, entertained, and the center of attention of my husband's family, they are now going to be even more spoiled with the addition of a monstrous aluminum contraption in our backyard. Bill and I just happened to mention a while ago that we wanted to get a swingset for Trey. Boom! Wal*Mart, here we come to make that happen. Oh, the magic of grandparents. I can't wait to see Trey's reaction to a park in his very own back yard. I guess I should buy him some good outside clothes because I have a feeling he won't be able to be dragged in until April.

Yet another benefit of having family in town is free babysitting! Woohoo!! Bill and I met some good friends of ours for lunch yesterday. After digging into our brains we figured out that the last time we went out with another couple without a child of any kind was over 3 years ago. THRRREEEEEEE years!!!! Needless to say, it was fantabulous and way too short. We made a decision to hire a babysitter for all four of our children (our two plus our friends' two) and make this happen a bit more often.

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