Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I was up a bit early with Leah yesterday so I hopped on the computer to check my email and whatnot. At 8:45am, the doorbell rings. "What the heck?" I scurry over and glare through the peephole to notice my next door neighbor. I don't think she's ever come over and I'm curious as to what brings her over so early. I open the door...
"Oh hi! I have something for you." She shuffles away, back to her house. A minute later I hear the distinct sounds of her slippers along the cement and she appears with a ginormous bowl of pasta, zucchini and shrimp.
"Wow!" I say. "Thank you soooo much". This is so unexpected. I rarely talk to her, just the normal neighborly hello when we're out at the same time. Usually our conversations consist of the goings on of Shea's girls since they were and will again be her neighbor when they move back to the area and kick us out of their beautiful home. We talk a little bit about my neighbor's health since she currently has bone cancer. She isn't the type to feel sorry for herself, apparently. She tells me God has healed her from leukemia twice and uterine cancer so this isn't going to be any different. I'm impressed. This woman is at least in her sixties and is on the go constantly. Her yard and home are immaculate and I can barely keep up with my dishes and laundry. What's my problem? She gives me a quick hug and a "Merry Christmas" and is on her way. I bring the dish and card she's placed on top inside. I open the card and, uh oh, there's a check. A check?? Why? What did we do to deserve a check from a neighbor we barely know? The amount? One hundred dollars. Can you believe it??? I was shocked.
"We pledged to our Gracious Lord that we share our blessings to military families. Please accept our meager help and Christmas gifts to your kids" is what she penned inside. You never know when or how, but God continues to bless you through unexpected sources at unexpected times.

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