Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Bad, the Good and the Great

Things that make me sad, irritated or worried:

I killed the battery in Bill's truck...again
Having to decorate for Christmas without the help of my husband
Not hearing from Bill for three days
My new insurance bill after adding the SUV
Turning my heat on for the first time this season
Hearing that one of my best friends is moving the opposite direction than we anticipated (North Cacilacky instead of back here)
Receiving restricted numbered phone calls on my cell phone

Things that make me smile:

The strange phenomenon the lead four of us at work (out of maybe ten people tops) to wear almost exactly the same outfit yesterday.
Hearing my kids get excited about Christmas
Finding faces of those I once knew on myspace
The blessing that I actually have heat to turn on
Having that restricted call that came in turn out to be my husband.

My cell phone started to do a little dance in my purse at work today. Amazingly I was actually at my desk, my phone wasn't dead and I heard it. Three things that normally don't happen all at once. I picked it up and almost regretted doing so for fear that I was getting a telemarketing call when I heard Bill's voice for the first time in over two months. TWO months without hearing the voice of the man I'm married to. He set his alarm and got up at 3am to talk to me. He's so awesome. Everyone is peachy keen now. He'll get to talk to the kids a little later today.

Six weeks and counting.


Judy said...

I think that "great" cancels out all the bad! What a great treat!

Manda said...

Wow 2 mnnths. Sheesh thats a long time! I am glad you finally got to talk to him. Adam is still trying to get us back there and not to North Cackilacky