Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oh hey, is it already the end of November?

Top ten reasons why I have been ignoring my blog

1. Wild turtles have inhabited the yard and although they keep the grass cut, the droppings are another story.

2. Leah has decided to take some calculus classes and learning along with her has taken all of my internet time.

3. Rocket propelled grenades were misdirected from the military base that faces my back yard and blew up my office.

4. Bill came home early and well, who cares about the computer when your husband is home from deployment.

5. I’ve taken up a new hobby: sculpting play-doh into different famous Michelangelo pieces and I’m looking for a kiln.

6. I’ve taken on a second job as an aesthetician and can’t stop playing with all my new goodies

7. I decided to start my laundry for the first time this year and am just now getting to the bottom of the hamper

8. My girlfriends kidnapped me and took me to the Bahamas for a week where we lounged and drank fruity drinks served by someone named Jacques.

9. Trey is the new Doogie Howser, MD at five years old and I’ve been shooing away the paparazzi and assuring them that just because he is a medical genius before entering kindergarten, does not mean he will eventually come out of the closet. That and the fact that there are no Italian boys named Vinny sneaking into his room.

10. I’ve been in a caffeinated coma for days on end and just found out that I missed another weekend.

Ok, so not one of those statements is true. A few of them would be great but life has taken over my addiction to my outlet. Nothing spectacular. I have a couple of random quotes so if you hate mommy blogs, here’s where you can close your window.

“Are you tired, Leah?” as she rests her baby head on my shoulder.
“No. Leah.” But of course, her name is Leah, not Tired.

“Where are you going, Trey?” as he leaves my side to sit on the other couch.
“I don’t need you anymore.”
“You don’t need me anymore?”
“Nope. BWAHAHAHA.” Hm.. Wonder where he gets his cynicism?

I’m waiting for the fall to hit. My fabric pumpkins are out, along with my autumn candles and d├ęcor. The weather wants to remain around 80 degrees and will not play nice. Is it so much to ask to wear a sweater on Turkey Day?

Do I decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving like I have since I was married or wait? Bill may or may not be home for Christmas. If he’s not home in time, he’ll be back the second or third week of January and we’ll have Christmas upon his return. I don’t think I could handle greenery and ornaments that have gone missing by the swiping of kitty paws for nearly two months. New Years is normally my day to wipe everything clean. Start fresh. White canvas. We’ll see.

This week, for most, is a light week at work. A lot of folks are traveling tomorrow to be with family, eat too much, relax on Friday or shop, if they’re into self inflicted wounds and just do their thing this weekend. I, however, don’t have the luxury of that schedule. I have even more work than normal and there is no pre-school or babysitting this week. I have to find people to watch my kids so I can race to the finish line tomorrow sometime and hopefully not come in on Friday. Working at a church means that everyone else’s holidays are your busiest times. With any luck, I’ll know whether or not the hubs will be home in time for Santa and I’ll be spreading Christmas cheer around my house instead of trying to find something else to do.

I guess the holiday season is officially upon us. Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving song was on this morning. Turkey for me and turkey for you…


Bill said...

I like your reasons for not blogging. I might suggest that for the kids' sake, you should go ahead and decorate as normal. Since my b-day is right around homecoming we can just combine them.

Judy said...

Have a terrific Thanksgiving...if it were me, I'd decorate anyway and leave everything up until March, just to piss off the neighbors with some obnoxious lights! Tee hee!

Andrea said...

Okay, so I fell for the first reason but then they just got bizarre. Very funny and creative but bizarre!! LOL!

I'm Leah, not Tired! You better write that one in her baby book! How adorable!

Here's one of the bummers of celebrating the holidays in January...you'll be like two weeks behind the whole year. Once you start out two weeks behind, it'll be difficult to catch up. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Bill will come home for Christmas and next year will be on schedule. Just so you know this is the control freak in me worrying about timelines! I'm a dork. Give the kids a hug for us!!