Monday, August 07, 2006

Give me the 411

I hate to wait. Who, really, likes waiting? If you're at Disneyland, you know that somewhere between 15 minutes and two hours you'll be able to get on that ride. When pregnant, you know that there's literally and figuratively a light at the end of the tunnel. You know the outcome. I'm one of those people who wants nitty gritty details about the future. As a ten year old I didn't just want to know that I would get married, but wanted to know who, when, how and what he'd look like. I heart day planners. My best friends are spontaneous. It's a good, albeit, sometimes stressful match.

I'm not here to complain about the fact that I still have over 5 months to wait for Bill to return. Or that I have 14 years until Trey goes to college. Or that I'm too lazy and/or tired to potty train my very willing two year old. Nope. I'm here to vent my frustrations about most women's main lot in life: The House. I can't tell you how many times we've gone back and forth and sideways and hung a left at the next corner when it comes to our living situation. Do we stay here, do we try to get on base, do we try to buy? We've been on the base housing list since December, and at that time it was a "six month wait". P-shaw. We did that with anticipation that my friend, who usually lives in the house we're in, would be returning. They were sent to Virginia instead. Then our rent went up. The housing list was stagnant. We were number 40, meaning 39 families were before us on the very-sought-after-housing area. Because Bill deployed, they bumped us up. I don't understand the logic completely. I guess it's to try to move families in before the husband (or sometimes wife) leaves. That got us to number 10. Then we moved back to 12. Huh? Now we're at number 6. SIX. Holy cow. Do I move my entire house while Bill is in Japan, or wherever it is that he'll be? Can I move? We have no idea where we'll be going when he returns from deployment number 3. It would be really really awful to move if we'd just have to pack it up again in four months. It's happened. Not to us, fortunately. If we stay here, am I willing to give up my gigantic yard where my kids can freely play on their swingset and Leah can call the bunnies? "Bunn-ay....oh, BuNNN-ay!" We'd lose a bedroom and a yard but gain an almost new house and a shared wall (duplexes, ya know). There's a community pool, gym, clubhouse and uber-safe neighborhoods (which we haven't quite experienced here). The best part? No rent or utilities. But that's completely conditional upon Bill's return to THIS base.

My brain. It cannot process. I need to know. Plan. Sketch. Obsess.

And just how did I end up the wife of a Marine? Maybe this is God's way of stretching me. Growing me. Preparing me? I sure do fight it.


Grace F said...

bloghopped from the Raggedy One! just want u to know I am a planning freak. I can totally understand your situation although I am not a Marine's wife. Hey is your husband in Japan? I am in Japan --there's really no connection to that, sorry! Love your blog!

Bill said...

Princess, I'm sure I'd be able to stay at our current duty station, if that's what you want me to do.

Raggedy said...

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Raggedy said...

Number six is getting pretty dern close to making a decision.
I have lived both on and off base and there is definitely a good and bad to both.
I think whatever you decide will be fine.
It really is up to you to decide wether you prefer living on or off base.
Off base worked better for my family.
A move would seem a bit overwhelming with Bill gone, but I am sure there would be people more than happy to help you.
The Rabby thing is soooooo cute...
Hang in there hun!
Huge Hugs

Judy said...

Ooh, I'm just thinking of you - hang in there. I'm a list girl, too - have to make the calendar and schedule in potty breaks for myself (almost). Whatever it is, it will be the right decision for you.

Manda said...

Whatever you do, you should make sure you are close to Yeah like I know that is possible. I hope everything works out for ya!Luv ya