Monday, August 14, 2006

Guess it's Official

Trey had his first soccer game on Saturday. That was the day I forgot my camera in a rush to leave the house, while answering a call from our MOPS coordinator who needed to talk to me about business stuff. I'm a bad mommy! I forgot the camera on the first day of the game! Wah!

I'm being completely sarcastic. My perfectionist if-I'm-not-the-best-fastest-goal makingest-kid-on-the-team-then-I'm-not-playing son decided after five minutes that he was through. Nothing I said could convince him to get back out there. We had the same issue with T-ball last year. Is this a daddy issue? Is he not playing because Bill's not here to watch? Is soccer just not his niche? When he had practice on Wednesday I thought he would be the only kid that would need an extra kick in the pants to get out and play on the field. Here's a picture of him running toward me when he should be playing. Notice anything else?

If you biggify the picture, check out what the kid in the lime green shirt is doing. =D

I noticed a flier outside his Sunday School room for a kids production that's starting. It's an ongoing class for stage, singing, etc. Is he an artist (a dramatic artist like daddy?...I love you Bill!)? The boy sang before he talked. He's quite the little ham. He'd be good at product placement, no?

This was a "mommy will you take my picture" moment. Say CHEESE!

Oh, and he is not giving up on soccer. He will ride this roller coaster until it comes to a complete stop, my friends.


Christie said...

cute photos

Judy said...

We suffered through soccer for two seasons. The first one was bad because he never knew what he was doing (Travis, that is). The second season was bad because he discovered he didn't want to be there but he would be because a commitment was a commitment. He LOVES baseball, but I'd try all sorts of things - if baseball hadn's worked for Travis, we would have moved on to gymnastics or another venue.

The Kept Woman said...

"biggify"..I am CRACKING up at your word creation. And the kid in the lime green shirt looks like he was added in or something, the perfect makings for a greeting card!

About the TX my case the Texas garden stone came from my parents when I was living in Houston (it was a house warming gift) and since then has traveled across the country three times as we've moved. As for the TX pride thing, I'm not sure how to explain it. As an "outsider" myself (I was born and raised in the north) it was a mystery until I got there and something just gets ahold of your heart. It is a proud state and you can buy anything from a clock to a cookie cutter in the shape of the state. I too am surprised that CA wouldn't be the same! Maybe you should start a company...California Creations? You'd be rich...that state is HUGE!!

Mike's America said...

Thanks for posting the ticker factory counters. I've been looking for something like that.

Bill said...

Please keep your arms and legs inside the soccer ball until it comes to a complete stop and we thank you for riding on Make-Mommy-Crazy-Airlines. We know you have a choice in travel and we thank you for choo-choo-choosing us.