Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yes, we're home. No, no good stories...yet.

Ok, so I didn't post any new 'midwest' stories. I haven't even posted any new California stories. I have to prep a father's day gift for my dad, wrap one for Bill, clean the house for tomorrow's Father's Day get together, do laundry leftover from the trip, get a baby gift wrapped, get all snazzy for a baby shower and attend said baby shower. That's a lot for one day.

My weather pixie tells me the humidity level is 88%. EIGHTY EIGHT PERCENT!!! Do you know what that does to a girl who's used to living in an arid climate. Me either, but it sure doesn't help with my productivity level.

A radio DJ once said that San Diego is going from a dry region to a humid region partially because of all the new developments going up at a rapid pace. The former open dirt/sand areas with drought resistant plants are being replaced by new homes with lawns, parks with lawns and more and more lawns. All these lawns need watering. That's, apparently, raising our humidity levels. Sound crazy? I don't ever remember it feeling like this.

Ok, now that my rant about procrastination due to the weather is over, I guess I should get started.


Judy said...

But, it is down to 69% now! That's Houston weather! HAHA

Actually, our humidity is 62.1% right now - it just finished raining about an hour ago!

FYI - Central Texas is quite dry usually! Our humidity is considered high when it reaches 40%!

Bill said...

could be worse... i could have to go back to work on monday. oh, wait... nevermind.