Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Are We There Yet?

Tuesday, June 6, 2006
3:15am: Jen's alarm goes off.
3:15am: Jen rolls over and sees that Bill is not in bed so Jen wonders if Bill even went to bed.
3:16am: Jen goes downstairs and sees that Bill is out cold on the couch.
3:17am: Jen wakes Bill up with the temptation of coffee. Bill realizes that he set the alarm on the tv for 3am Sunday. Doesn't do much good on Tuesday.
Somewhere between 3:17 and 3:30am Bill and Jen (my name should be Ted, that sounds better) shower, finish last minute packing and straightening of the house.
3:30am: Jen goes into Trey's room. Trey pops out of bed and excitedly asks in 4 year old sleepy voice, "Is it time to go on our trip now?!!!!"
"Yes, Trey. It's time to get ready."
From the other room, "Waaahhhh, momma momma momma."
I have one excited kid and one wondering what the heck is going on.
I get one kid dressed and change the diaper of the other kid who purposely slept in her flying clothes. One kid is asking to go and one is asking to nurse. No time no time no tiiiiiiime for the boobie.

4:00am: Everyone in the car. Bill is in the front, kids and Jen are in the back with Jen contorted so the wee one who is almost two can nurse while safely strapped in her carseat. Good thing it's dark outside.

4:15am: Call mom from the top of the hill and notify her that we are turning onto her street as we speak.

4:20am: On our way to San Diego International. I'm so glad we didn't have to drive up to John Wayne in Orange County for a good deal.

5:15am: Give hugs goodbye and realize just how much traffic there really is in San Diego when it took us 45 minutes to make a trip downtown that usually takes at least an hour and a half, not on weekends which would have taken two.

5:15 to 6:10am: Try and control tired children and keep them from running/throwing herself down on scuzzy airport floor in protest of walking or standing or doing something other than whatever it is she wants to do.

6:10am: Board our plane

6:10am to 8:15am/9:15am Denver local time: Fly, eat, distract, nurse, read Dora, make a trip to the bathroom and other things to keep two small children civilized during the flight.

9:15 to 9:30am: Run like mad from gate 95 to gate 19 to board our connecting flight with one in a pink stroller, wind blowing through her hair and one very upset four year old who doesn't WANT to go.

9:30am: Board the next flight. Trey gets an invitation into the cockpit. Bill is obviously jealous. Trey is clueless on how utterly cool this apparently is, especially for the aspiring pilot.

9:30-12:20/2:20 Indiana local time: Repeat prior flying routine.

We arrived in Indiana eight hours after waking up and that was after a bountiful four hours of sleep. Rented a van and drove drove drove through a bunch of green stuff they call trees and grass out here. Huh? Where's the palm trees? Where's the succulents? Where's the chaparal? As we flew over a river in Indiana, Trey asked if that was the beach. Oh, dear child of mine, if you only knew that we are so fortunate to live where we do.

The kids napped so they were ok and running on adrenaline. We, however, are zombies. Trey and Bill bunked together and Leah and I bunked together. Wouldn't you know it? I try to bring the comforts of home with me but the girl wants nothing to do with the crib so she slept in the bed with me. This is NOT continuing when we get home, sister.

We have a full week of Cincinnati stuff to do. Dixie Chili is a must when eating with the locals. Don't ask me what it is with Cincinnati style chili. It's an acquired taste and these people are known for it. I just think they like to go to the counter and ask for a 3-way and the person taking the order doesn't think anything dirty about it. We haven't made it to Steak N Shake yet but that, as well as Graeter's is on the list. Hey, if Oprah is willing to have Graeter's flown in to Chicago, then we must have it while here, right?

Today, I'm meeting up with one of my bestestess friends from high school who lives out here thanks to the Corps and help her finish her baby registry. Yay!!! Wouldn't you know it, she decides to up and finally get pregnant when she's away from home. ;)

Thunder storms and upper 70's expected today. Don't they know I'm used to a dry heat??

More fun, exciting midwest stories as the week progresses.


Manda said...

Sounds like a very eventful trip. I am so excited you guys are here. See you this afternoon! :-)

Judy said...

Enjoy your trip! And, oceans are beautiful, but you'll find other things that are beautiful as well!

Bill said...

Are we there yet?! I gotta go potty! I want a cookie! Can I see?! How come the kids get to sleep?!

Wait... here comes the "Whaa-mbulance"

Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear you all made it safely! And we love Cincinnati style chili. We have friends from Ohio and they introduced it to us. Last time they went home on vacation I had them bring me back a case of the little packets that you mix with water and tomato paste and meat. We eat it about every other month. I only have on packet left and I'm saving it for a special occasion. Anyhow, hope you all have fun!!

IneedRx said...

Welcome to the 'Nati!

Other than our three ways, we also enjoy our cornhole! You gotta try it, it's hours and hours of fun.

Nick in the 'Nati

Manda said...

Are you in Cali yet? We will be there shortly...YEAH!!!!