Monday, June 26, 2006

No News is Usually Good News

It's been a National Lampoon's sort of month. Something happens and we just shake our heads and have to laugh because it's just been so unbelievable. Bill started his pre-deployment leave earlier in the month. If you read his blog, you'd know that he ran over a gnarly piece of metal which left a nice gaping hole in his tire on the way home from his last day of work. The next day was when his truck was broken into and had about $300 worth of things stolen. Three hundred dollars we really didn't have set aside with the whole traveling to Ohio, van rental, etc. Next, our irrigation system decided to retire. Yes, summer is always the best time to quit working, I always say! Not being the original owners of this fine piece of equipment I had to google till I found the owners manual online and did just as it said to fix it. There, perfect. Ummm...I said perfect. WHYWON'TTHISSTUPIDTHINGWORK!!! Go to the store to buy yet another replacement piece. Yeah, that didn't do it either. We had to buy a whole new control box. And replace a couple of sprinkler heads. At least now we can water our parched lawn. Do you know how difficult it is to keep grass green in the desert?? Then the bees. Oh, the bees. I noticed them out of one of those artsy fartsy windows that really has no purpose in the master bedroom. It doesn't open. It's too high to reach. It just sits there and lets the light in and encrourages eight legged friends to move in to the corner lot. I went outside and saw that the little busy bees were entering the attic space from the vent on the outside of the house. Loverly. A couple ventured into the house through the recessed lighting in the hallway. Fortunately they were so intent on trying to return to the attic that no one, including the cats, was stung. Lloyd pest control came out and killed 'em in a matter of ten minutes for $250. They'll be back this week to remove the comb for an extra $100 and that's with the military discount. Fortunately we caught it early enough that the comb is still small and doesn't require removal of anything structurally holding the house together....which I guess really happens sometimes.

Rent is going up in July. Babysitting is going up in July. Tuition for the boy is going up in September. Holy Oleo. Did I happen to mention in any of my previous blog entries that we're trying to figure out how to buy a piece of the American Dream?!

My best friend leaves for the Asian Pacific area in a couple of weeks. I'm happy that this crazy month happened while he was still home. I need to take that stress/eustress test and see what they say. I need a vacation. And a million dollars.

Something else is on the horizon but in fear of jinxing it, I won't mention it until something develops.


Judy said...

Hey, don't come over to my blog and tease me with the possibility of a visit in two days! I'll have to hold you to it!

See? We should definitely get together - after the month you've had, I know we'd have us a FINE hen-fest at Schlitterbahn, bobbing in the pool while the kids on the slides!

Andrea said...

Holy Cow Jen! When it rains it pours, right! You always know how to leave us hanging. Can't wait until you let us know what you're trying not to jinx. Does that make sense? Well, when is Bill coming over here? Love ya!

Manda said...

Hey! How come you didn't tell me bout this news last night, when you were over?? What's up with that man!! Well, as you can see I am back in Cincy. Talk to you later!