Monday, February 13, 2006

Mommy Dearest

Before we had kids, Bill and I had our own cell phones. Then we had Trey and lost all our money...what we had anyway and decided to slimline things and share one phone. I wasn't working or going to school anymore so why did we really need two phones? We got a really cute one that we both loved and our dear, sweet Baby Trey got his own real live cell phone to play with. It was better than letting the old ones sit in the drawer. We were actually kind of on the cutting edge. I saw our phone all over the ads and on tv. Celebrities even had the same phone we did! We had that thing for three years with no incident. Then, one day, the antennae was sat upon by someone unnamed and snapped right off.

The phone doesn't work. I'm working and transporting kids. Bill's working and his work phone doesn't allow him to place outside calls. Good excuse to upgrade? I think so! We begged my mom to watch the kids so we could go shopping. We've finally entered the year 2004 and upgraded to two cell phones! Aren't we cool now? We went back to my mom's and showed them off. Took pictures. Played with the ring tones. Trey's cell phone has now been upgraded as well.

I got a phone call yesterday from my mom. She was on her cell. I'd just missed her so I called her right back. I got her voicemail. She didn't have voicemail the last time I checked. Cool! She must have finally bought a new phone. Once I finally got ahold of her she tells me about this great deal she got at Costco. It's even a camera phone. "Mom, what's the model number?"
"Blah blah, number number number."
"Mom...that's the SAME phone we just bought!!"
"Oh, it is?!"
"Oh, well I don't pay attention to these things!"

We were just there four days ago!! Great, now my mom is trying to out tech us. I love my mom. Even if she doesn't remember things anymore ;)


Manda said...

You are so silly! I still love ya!

Judy said...

My dad has a PDA, a laptop, his wireless connection, his Internet camera phone and goodness only knows what else parents totally outrank me in the world of technology!

Bill said...

Just for the record, the antenna got caught on the door of your car as I was wearing the phone on my belt. I didn't sit on it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bwahhhaaahaa (in your terms). The QOE doesn't know EVERYTAHNG. So you are still one up,maybe more. You way more get the techno than me. It's 5 days in and still no idea all the gizmos and such. I remember party lines for cryin' out loud!

ShayShay's Mum

Manda said...

Adam finally posted for you Jen!