Saturday, February 04, 2006

Man, that's so messed up

I typed a silly little post very late last night...even got a comment on it and now it's gone. Just like that. Sucky suckerson.

I'll recap:
HGTV makes me want to move. Is that the channel House Hunters is on?
California is extremely overflated in the housing area (as well as some others, but that's a little north of San Diego)
Texas is verrrry inexpensive.
When Bill retires from the Marines in six years, we are playing with the idea of moving to the Lone Star State.

I will have to learn the real words to The Yellow Rose of Texas instead of the ones I actually know.

Judy has convinced me to look at San Antonio instead of Austin.

HOT DOG! Close to Air Force bases (commissary and hospitals are a necessity!) and we could buy a brand new humongo house for the price of a double wide, not including the land, out here.

That's all I wrote. Aren't you sad you missed it the first time?


Bill said...

Now that we've "talked" about it for, like, ten minutes, does this mean you're going to think about it every day for the next six years? :-)

I love you!

Manda said...

You can't leave California. We are coming back. I promise. NOOOOOOOO don't leave!!!

Judy said...

Come on over! Today, the weather is 76 and breezy - light clouds in the sky - we're running around in shorts and playing on the fort in the back yard!

Manda said...

Just so you know, I just posted to my blog. Go check it out!!!