Friday, December 09, 2005

My Job Rocks

There are countless benefits to working for a church, especially if the church is one that you're a member of. It's non-profit so Uncle Sam doesn't take away my millions, just Social Security and Medicare. I get to work with and for people I've known for awhile and have befriended most of them. My schedule is extremely flexible which is good when you have wee ones. And the most totally awesomest, coolest, bodacious reason to work for a church, especially mine?


That's right. Instead of being at work at 9am I was at the theater with my friends/coworkers on the pastors dime, waiting to see the best movie of the year on opening day. We shared the theater with a bajillion sixth graders who were there on a school fieldtrip, but they were all good kids and we didn't have to shoot spitwads at them once.

The movie was beautiful. It's on my must buy list and when my children are older and have experienced the book, they will watch it. I'm sure by then, the graphics will seem cheesy to them even though they are gorgeous today. Remember the movies with special effects from ten years ago and how they looked "so real"? Notice how horrible they are to us today? I can't imagine it getting to that point but didn't we think that back then?

Read the book. Watch the movie. Dissect the symbolism. Enjoy the story.

My boss is cooler than yours ;)

Oh, and those Christmas decoration pictures are coming. Perfectionism and a baby don't mix well for decorating purposes.


Judy said...

I'm reading Travis The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe now in preparation of purchasing the movie when it comes out on DVD. Your boss IS cool, but don't forget about THE BOSS (the big G man) how how cool he is, right?

We put up our tree tonight - it was quite an undertaking. everything we put on the tree came off in Tyler's little fat fingers. I'm going to have to tie him down when he's awake! HAHA I put all my presents under the tree, and so I'm sure that Travis will now have an excuse to mess with the tree as well. Oh well, it wouldn't be Christmas if the tree didn't fall over on SOMEONE this year! I'll take pictures this weekend and post!

Bill said...
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Bill said...

I wanna go! 'Course I still need to see StarWars III. Stupid war deployment. (grumble grumble)