Friday, December 23, 2005

I Have a Legitimate Reason This Time

I've talked about my perfectionism and procrastination on here before. I'm the master procrastinator, followed closely by my husband. This is probably the only thing in our marriage that doesn't balance out between the two of us. If I can't get something done exactly how and when I want, it's difficult for me to do it. This reallllly bugs my family. However, if you're genetically related to me, then this is partially your fault. If you're not and you chose to be a part of my family, you were forewarned. If you're family through marriage, hey, sorry. I'm reading on other blogs about the lack of the Christmas spirit. I don't know what it is this year. I'm STILL not done shopping. What?! I'm usually done no later than November. My decorating didn't get completed the way I wanted it to, but it's good enough which is a dirty little phrase in my head. No cookies yet. No gingerbread house. No Christmas dinner groceries. However, here's pictures of my little setback:

You wanna know what happened? Do ya? Leah and I were sitting at a stale red light, minding our own business when I hear tires screeching. As I'm looking around, trying to figure out where they are coming from, I see this newer model, full size pick up truck headed right toward us. As I realize that he's going to hit us, I hold on to the steering wheel for dear life and brace myself.


Leah instantly cries. I slam the car into park, pull up the brake and race around the other side to whisk her out of her seat. She's got shards of glass everywhere. The side of her head is bleeding but other than that, she's ok. Instantly, people huddle around us telling us it's ok, no one is hurt and that there are angels around us. The police show up instantly and I have people left and right giving their information and pointing their finger at the jerk who hit us.

This guy was driving along at freeway speeds and at the last second decided he was going to turn right onto the street we were on. He was going so fast he lost control of his car and slammed into us. You can still see the skidmarks from the straight lane, turning onto the side road, over the cement island and stopping at the left turn lane...where we were (76 and Rancho Del Oro).

I was hit so hard on the driver's side that the impact cracked the passenger's side taillight and busted the tire.

Here's the driver's side door in the back...Trey's door.

This is my son's seat. Praise GOD he was not in the car. We were on our way to get him from school.

When Bill was gone, we made up this song:
Angels are watching over Trey
All the night and day.
Angels are watching over Trey
All the night and day.

Here's my proof.

We're waiting to see if the insurance company is going to call my car a total loss or see if it's repairable. Does this look like it can be fixed to you?? I can see the inside of my car from the outside, without looking through the windows.

It bent the roof of my car!!

As I tried to retrieve some items out of the car before they hauled it off to the tow yard, my door would not open...the same one I got out of with no problem. When we went back to take pictures, I tried to open Leah's door to get some more shots and it was stuck. Think I had a little devine help in the safety of my daughter and I?

Psalm 91: 11, 14-15:
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;

"Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. "


Kelly said...

Those photos bring tears to my eyes! I've been in a few accidents myself, some pretty awful and I've learned that a car can always be fixed, its just good that you are OK. Thank God Trey was not with you - my goodness!

If your insurance doesn't total it, you should insist that they do. Looks like your frame is bent, and you never want to drive a car that has to have repair work to the frame, especially with kids.

Hugs - Merry Christmas, and give those babies more hugs tonight!

Judy said...

I had better be a total loss - I've been in worse and had it totalled (okay ONE wreck, but still!). You need to DEMAND they total it out for you. No one, especially with kids, should be driving that car even repaired...NOT SAFE!

Glad you are okay...definitely angels were watching RIGHT over you at that moment - and I'm so glad Trey wasn't in the car!

Beth said...

I am so glad everyone is okay! Thank god Trey was not in the car, hope you and Leah are alright.

I haven't really been in the Christmas mode either. I think its all the personal crap that has been getting to me. But its Christmas eve and hubby is working all night, and will only see us long enough to have Christmas Breakfast and open presents.

Have a good one Girl...Merry Christmas.

Bill said...

Update from the husband: our insurance company (USAA) is AWESOME! They declared the car totaled (with comments like "Holey Moley!" and "This thing is smashed.") and they began the check cutting process without the report from the police, which finally came in the mail last night.

Manda said...

Thats totally insane! I am so glad you guys are ok. I am glad USAA is totaling the car out. Hope you had a good Christmas. I will tell you all about mine when we chit chat. Bye Bye

Seeker said...

Yes, praise God! It's clear He delivered you.

graceful said...

Gotta love USAA! They are the best! I am so glad to hear that this incident has only strengthened your faith and your family. Now are you guys going to get the newer version of that same minivan????

Katy said...

Just when i found you I lost you...LOL!!! I am so excited to have found your blog again and I am so glad everyone is okay. That is some horrible looking stuff.