Monday, April 12, 2010

Not What I Wanted to Hear

Here's the deal. I've been pretty anemic for a while. Like, your body is supposed to store extra iron as a backup when you're not getting enough. It's supposed to be anywhere between 20 and 80. Twenty and eighty what, I'm not sure, but my store number was two. Maybe that would explain why I can take a nap any time of the day and never have any energy to do much of anything. For the first time in, oh, forever, I have a doctor who wanted to know why. So I had some more blood drawn and was ordered to take iron supplements three times a day. My test results came back positive for celiac disease. I never would have guessed. I didn't have any of the typical symptoms other than the anemia. I thought maybe it was a mild case because of the lack of symptoms, but once again my body isn't playing by the rules. Numbers again: under 5 (I don't know 5 what, but stick with me) means no celiac. 5-8 you need more testing but probably have it. 8 and over you have celiac. My number was over 100. Seriously?? I have a serious love of bread, cereal, pasta and all things gluteny. Now I have to change my way of thinking, eating, and apparently digesting. Now I will join the ranks of those irritating people asking what the food has in it because I have "special dietary needs". I give that a big fat raspberry.


Britts said...

So sorry sweetie!
But... (not that this helps too much)... grocery stores are carrying a ton more gluten-free products (even our Walmart has a whole section), so maybe you'll find some solutions that won't destroy your eating preferences...
What a total bummer. That's crazy how extreme your numbers are! I bet once you start getting used to these food changes, you'll feel so much better it will totally be worth it!
Hang in there!

Krista said...

Oh my land friend! I had to look it up...I had no idea what it was. I am just glad that you got a doctor who was concerned enough to run more test. Hopefully you will be feeling better despite the fact that you will no longer be able to eat some of your favorite food. I still have more research to do, like what foods are Gluten free......I am so ignorant. I am praying for you and I really hope that you will see an improvement in your energy. Do you know anyone else in your family who has it? Keep us posted on Trey's testing!

On a side note...I can not wait to see you! Call us when you get here!