Thursday, April 01, 2010


It's been a REALLY long winter. It's been six months of on and off snow and for someone like me, that is five months and three weeks too long. At first it was kind of cool, seeing the flakes flitting down. The kids were in awe. I was even a little bit in awe. And then I got over it in a big way. A blizzard? In October? For my entire life, October has meant hot, dry winds and clear blue skies. Not a blizzard. Unless we're talking Dairy Queen.

I'd had my fill. The reports of snow on the news got annoying. I couldn't see my beautiful yard because it was covered with that evil white stuff.

Now, spring is starting to show its face and I just want to kiss it! My grass is starting to come back. There are buds of future leaves on my aspen trees. The tulip bulbs have sprouted and I'm elated.
To give myself a little push and a little color I bought some seeds. Now, if I can actually plant them AND keep them alive, that will be a miracle.

I've never been this happy to see spring. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this Colorado life.

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Judy said...

You got it rough this year...we all have. Our winter was FAR harsher than it has been in a VERY long time (like, in 40 years, ha). My Colorado friends all say the winters suck, but the spring/summertime makes it mostly worthwhile. ;-)