Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things Running Through My Mind

  • I've recently become obsessed with home decor blogs. Like, OCD, obsessed and recently added about 10 new ones to my reader.
  • I have about five ideas for a real blog post in my head, but no real direction to get them to say anything interesting.
  • My husband and I are tackling our very first home improvement project and it's taking WAAAAY longer than expected.
  • My typically non-sick kid has been sick for a week and it's really bugging me.
  • My mom's birthday is today and I have yet to send out her gift, let alone her card. This is only the second time in my life where I've not been "home" for her celebration.
  • My husband's birthday is on Monday and until I went shopping (today) I'd forgotten that I bought something for him a month ago and hid it away.
  • I'm really sick of looking at all the patches of dead brown grass and piles of snow that haven't melted yet. I'm yearning for the glistening Pacific and palm trees of home.
  • I hit the jack pot at Old Navy yesterday. Possibly a short blog post? Go there. To Old Navy I mean. Now. 50% off clearance through Monday. Seriously.
  • I'm about to finish reading a non-parenting book. It's the first novel I've read in quite a while and I don't want it to end. I hate it when good stories are finished.
  • I could totally go for some Pat & Oscars right about now.

Yes, those are the random things running through my brain. That, and I think I want some hot chocolate and I'm really wishing I had the stuff to make some Valentine-y craft right now.


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

My son has had TWO week + illnesses this season and it's thrown me. He usually gets just the normal 2-3 day cold. Not sure what is going around.

And my husband;s birthday is Tuesday! :)

I haven't been to Pat & Oscar's in ages. Do you have those there?

Judy said...

Can I run to Old Navy WITHOUT the children? Please?