Monday, January 04, 2010


New Year. New beginnings. New page. New calendar. I love the beginning of the year, where everything is fresh and clean and there's all those perfectly square boxes hanging on the wall waiting to be filled in. I have such great, grandiose ideas for myself which rarely come to fruition, but whatever. I can dream, right?

Better organized
Get this and that done on time/right away/when it happens, etc.
Clean this more, spend less time there

Well, part of my New Year's tradition had to be pushed back a day because Bill's family was still in town and I just thought it might be a tad rude to bring out the giant red and green boxes and start tearing down the tree. Instead, we lazed around the house, much like we had been for the entire week, and ate. And watched tv. And ate some more. And played games. It was great. Granted, I was itching to get things cleaned up, but it was only a day off of my original plan.

I started my routine clean up the next day, but because everything is in such a different order in this house than in the last house (where we had six Christmases) it took a lot longer to find where everything needed to be. And the neighbor kids came over. Which meant mulitple interruptions. Which meant, I didn't finish putting Christmas away.

Then it was the third. And a Sunday. So we went to church like usual and I insisted hubby stop at Target on the way home so I could check out the picked over Christmas leftovers at 75% off. There was hardly a thing left, but I managed to find some "filler" ornaments for next year. We got home, ate lunch and then of course it was the kids nap time. They desperately needed it. Ok, more like I really needed them to go away, but I digress. Bill used that time to play Wii and so I decided to read. Do you know what happens to me on a lazy day when I read? I fall asleep. And when I woke up, football was on. That meant Bill's butt was glued to the couch. Do you know what that meant? I obviously felt justified in keeping my butt glued to the couch as well.

And then came today. Today was the day to *really* start anew. The kids were back in school, Bill was back at work, company is gone... On the agenda: start my little excercise routine and finish putting Christmas away. My SIL gave me one of her Wii DVDs to work out to. All I did was complete my profile which had a couple of excercises on it and I was D-U-N. Can't blame it on the altitude as we've been here since summer. I'm just that out of shape. GOOO ME! Obviously I need some work. Ok, fine, how about putting Christmas away? First, I had to take a shower. Then go and get Leah from school. And then make lunch. And then Leah wanted to watch me do something on the computer. And THEN I decided to keep working on Christmas. And then I ran out of oomph. And now it's 5:30 and my butt is glued to the tv, Trey's head is resting on my shoulder while he watches tv and Christmas is still not put away.

Maybe tomorrow it will get done. If I don't kill myself trying to excercise. Or, you know, if other things don't get it the way first.


Krista said...

Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun! I have no idea what you mean about well procrati-wa......something I myself would never do, insert hysterical laugh! I love reading your updates! Keep them coming! By the way today Annika was talking about her B-day, we are not having a party but we are having some cake with my parents and the Clarks, the only people she personally requested were Trey and Leah. "You know just like at my ladybug party" she said. I told her you would be here:) By the way it is tomorrow:) You can get on a plane RIGHT NOW and we would be happy to pick you up:)

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Hey there! So, I shouldn't tell you it's beautiful and 70 degrees here? :) Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you stay so you can get your SD fix through me.

My BFF lives in Denver. Though she choose to stay there over here. Crazy girl.