Sunday, December 05, 2010


Ever have that "meh" feeling?  Yup, that's about how it is right now.  The Christmas tree is up and I actually LET the KIDS put ornaments on.  Do you know how much control I gave up for that?  A lot.  I managed to get some garland strung around the fireplace and the stocking are hung by the chimney with apathetic feelings.  The lights are up on the outside of the house thanks to my awesome husband.  I've perused lots of decorating blogs with beautiful displays of the season and my normal reaction would be "I've got to run to the store right this second so I can replicate this exact display".  This year?  "Meh." 

We just got back from San Diego where I was able to see family and friends which was not meh but great.  We're preparing to head out to visit Bill's family in a couple weeks.   Also not meh but great.  My poor little house will be empty for two pretty big holidays and hence my lack of enthusiasm.  I hate not being stoked about Christmas.  In fact, if I didn't have kids I don't know that I would have decorated at all.  How Scrooge am I??  I'm vowing that I'm staying home for Christmas next year and my tiding will be glad and meh will just be a saying on a snarky t-shirt.

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