Monday, March 01, 2010

It just didn't work out

I tried. I really did. I've driven past it a couple of times and told myself that I would go in and look at the potential and the life that could be brought back. I wouldn't be judgmental. Even my husband said he'd try it-that he'd thought about going in before I even said anything. So many bloggers have found abandoned jewels there and shined them up nice and pretty for their homes.

Today, we ventured in. The parking lot was packed. I took that as a good sign. And then we went in. And it was crowded. And half of the people in the building weren't speaking English. I'm used to that in San Diego, not here. We made a bee line (b-line?) to the home goods section. It was full of *junk*. I tried to look beyond the junk for the sparkling jewel but the whining kids and funny, stale smell and people continuously competing for the tiny aisle space that I was in was too much of a distraction.

And so we left. And I felt snobby. The Goodwill and I did not get along. So we took our Pottery Barn tastes and our Target budget elsewhere. Sorry Goodwill. Maybe I'll get over myself and go treasure hunting another day.


Judy said...

My local Goodwill is the ONLY one I've ever gone back to...and I've been in lots of them. Ours is a rare gem here. The others around us...notsomuch.

Britts said...

Goodwills, like Ross, are a hit and miss endeavor. Sometimes I'll be in a cold streak for awhile, and then go once and be blown away by my amazing finds. I haven't been for a couple years lately, but don't give up...Another day may bring that treasure! :o)