Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick Recap

of everything we've done in between my freak out sessions and trying to get used to the idea of leaving home:

We made Halloween cookies, a yearly tradition.

It was exhausting:

We went to the pumpkin patch! We didn't have to settle for Albertson's this year. ;)

We went Trick or Treating with friends:

(Bumble bee, Darth Vader, Sleeping Beauty before hair and makeup and a skeleton)

Bill and I got away on an overnight vacation to our favorite spot:

And then we attended the Marine Corps Ball, celebrating the Marines' 233rd birthday:

And we finally got an updated family photo!

Other than that, it's been scrapbooking, laundry, cleaning, shopping and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh, and googling. Lots and lots of googling with the word 'Colorado' somewhere in there.


Krista said...

Love the update! It is fun to get a glimpse of your daily life. So glad Bill is home to share it with you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the family pic, too sweet!

Judy said...

Wow, your kids are getting so big! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos (the cookies at Halloween were fab-U-lous!).

Liz said...

You have a beautiful family!