Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

I’m stealing this meme from Judy. You can go see her answers and the origin of this true Labor Day meme over at Where One Day Runs Into Another

How long were your labors?
Trey - 19 hours. Not the best day and a half I can recall
Leah – I’m not actually sure. It sounds bad, but it’s true. I think I was in the hospital with her around 2pm and she decided to show up not long after midnight.

How did you know you were in labor?
Trey - I wasn’t sure I was having contractions. I had to call my mom and she couldn’t remember hers. They started coming every 15 mins so I was pretty sure that this was the day.
Leah – I didn’t. I went in for a scheduled appt, told my midwife that I dreamt that I was checked by a different midwife and said I was at 5. My actual midwife got all excited and decided to check me and lo and behold…I was at 5. Weird, huh? She told us to go walk for an hour, but we had to come home and pack instead.

Where did you deliver?
At the hospital, both times.

Trey – I thought I would be able to make it without. I got to 7 when I was exhausted and couldn’t take it anymore so I got an epidural which was pointless because it didn’t work anyway.
Leah – I decided I wouldn’t torture myself and as soon as the anesthesiologist came around, I caught him and made him my best friend.

Nope. Trey should have been though. He weighed in over 9 pounds.

Who delivered?
Trey – see, the thing with military is that you get who you get. I didn’t get my midwife because her shift was over so I got some dude who should not be around women—ever.
Leah – cutest doctor in history. Of course.

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This was kind of fun for today! Glad you participated!