Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who Knew

...that leaving a bottle of No More Tangles in your semi-abandoned car (due to the hubby being deployed and you don’t feel like driving that car…for a week…or two…or four) will crack under the August heat and leave a gooey, lotion-like mess on the carpet of the floorboard?


Something to remember.

(I got it cleaned up, Bill. Don’t worry.)

At least it smelled good.


Judy said...

How did I miss that Bill's deployed???

At least it has to smell better than a spilled gallon of milk in the car. In the heat. For several days.


Krista said...

Judy, I totally missed it too, that Bill is deployed that is.

I hope all the tangles in the carpet came out:) Really, you never want knots in your floor mats.

Jumpin' On My Last Nerve said...

And now your upholstry will smell nice AND be tangle free. What else could a car want...?