Monday, December 24, 2007

I am attempting to blog again. Whether or not I will be successful remains to be seen. Let’s see…now where was I? Oh yes. So what has the “B” household been up to that I can write about and not make you nod off on your keyboard and short it out after the drooling begins? I was invited to a cookie exchange hosted by a neighbor whose kids attend the same school as Trey. Other school moms would be there too. I thought it would be all “Wisteria Lane-ish” and I was looking forward to a good cocktail and maybe a new friend outside of my regular circle. Well yes, there was a cocktail offered but only three of us partook. Half of the attendees were Mormon and I was feeling judged. Whatever. They ate chocolate so ha! That’s a no no in the LDS world. It turned out to be a bunch of ladies who only sort of knew each other talking about…the school. BOR-ING. Ok, I get it to a point but the whole night?? We were away from our kids so why not try to do something fun and girly and not talk about the flooded playground and the gay fourth grade teacher? Sheesh!


I’ve been trying to motivate my six year old to take the training wheels off his bike. My poor neurotic son is just like me so he doesn’t want to make any mistakes and how can you make a mistake if you don’t try? Just for the record, I forced myself to try over and over until I accomplished the delicate balance needed when I was five and needed something to do while at the babysitters. Anywho, the training wheels weren’t even so he’d be riding down the street tilted to one side and I figured if we didn’t correct it soon enough, he would think that THAT was the correct balance needed and be doomed to a life of roller skates to get around until he learns to drive. I couldn’t convince him, his dad couldn’t convince him, no bribing or taunting by the older boys in the neighborhood got him to venture out. Bill’s family arrived for Christmas on Friday. I suggested that the men work on a sneaky plan while the girls subjected themselves to torture while shopping and try to get Trey to at least think about graduating to the world of two wheels. Bill’s mom says as we get close to our neighborhood after being out all day, “So, do you think Trey’s learned how to ride his bike yet?”
“No way. He probably got frustrated after he couldn’t get it the first time and stormed into the house.”
We pull up and that little turkey isn’t just riding his two-wheeler but turning corners, zigzagging up the street and stopping on a dime. I shouted out, “I TOLD you you could do it!!!” That booger. I knew he could, I just thought he’d take longer. The video does show him storming off after he lost his balance once. At this point, I was crashing into cars and scraping up elbows and knees. He’s such a perfectionist.


As Trey used to say, today is Christmas ‘even’. We’re headed off to my dad’s tonight, a tradition I’ve held every single year since my parents split back in the late 80’s. There will be a huge spread for a smaller crowd. The fireplace will be lit, Christmas carols playing and the kids will be flying around the place in anticipation of opening gifts. My sister and her daughter live at the house so my kids actually have a cousin to see once in a while. When I was little, Christmas was a full house with a gaggle of girls in patent leather mary janes and fancy dresses sneaking candy before dinner and fighting about everything and nothing at all. I wish my kids had a big extended family like I did but I’ll take what I can get and if that means one extra kid dressed in comfy clothes and not as much fan fare, so be it. When we get home, my little ones will open their traditional one present and find brand new freshly washed pj’s and new slippers to accompany them to bed. Tomorrow will be filled with family and wonder and chaos and lots and lots of food. I love Christmas. I wish families took the time to be together as much without the holiday needed as an excuse.

Merry Christmas!


Judy said...


Merry Christmas to you guys.

Congrats to Mr. Big Stuff and his two-wheelin' self. That is terrific! Pretty soon, you will blink and Leah will be right behind him.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Shelley said...

Merry Christmas! Glad you guys are having a good time with the Beschman crew.

And WAY TO GO TREY! Now if he could just teach our girls...

Andrea said...

Hey, how you guys doin? Haven't been by to check on you. Love you!