Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oh, Wait, Here I Am!

It’s been much too long since my last post. I’ve been floating around and visiting everyone else, but my door has been closed to blog-visitors. Life, while good, always seems to be crazy. Perhaps I can try to sum everything up in a few paragraphs.

Excuse #1 for not blogging: my friend from high school who has since moved around the country came out for a visit and was here for three weeks. I needed lots of time to fill in the months we don’t have together, there was a wedding thrown in there (not hers, but her sisters), and a new baby I had to snuggle with. Shopping and dinners out and quite a bit of girl time took precedence over writing.

Excuse #2 for not blogging: my mom. I just saw a sign that said, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother”. Well, this time it’s true. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in March. By May she had gone through numerous doctor’s visits and three surgeries and I was with her for almost every visit. I got to take care of her like she’s cared for me throughout my life. She’s stubborn. And she’s a mom. So guess who was trying to make ME a snack less than an hour after leaving the hospital post same day surgery? “Mom, would you please sit down? You JUST GOT HOME!”
“Oh, I’m fine.” And then later she wonders why she’s so tired. Um, helloooo! Your body is trying to reform itself while you’re running around the house.
If you’re interested, she’s doing great and it looks like she’s free and clear, praise God!

Excuse #3 for not blogging: Celebration bonanza. My birthday, mother’s day, Leah’s birthday, father’s day, Trey’s graduation from preschool (seriously, do we really need to do this?) Chuck-E-Cheese birthday parties every other week. Oh, did I mention, my kid doesn’t eat pizza? Yes, we are the weird ones at the party who have the kid who gets the salad bar at a pizza place. I counted all of the celebratory things that happened or are yet to happen just in the month of June for our family and there are NINE. Nine events to either plan or attend. Feast or famine. I’m sure August will be a slow month and I’ll be complaining that we’re not doing anything. I’m prepping to punk my boss' office this week in preparation for his 30th birthday. His wife and I are on secret missions to make sure each of our plans works out: mine in the office, and the party she’s planning for him at home. The wife and the secretary, a perfect pair. Dun-dun-dunnnnn!

Excuse #4 for not blogging: Life. Bill’s actually home. I do my best blogging when my head is about to explode from being a single parent and I have no other outlet. However, things are looking really good right now, which frankly, we really needed after a year like 2006. I’m sharing the parenting responsibility (what a novel idea), I get a break more than once a week and I get to have adult conversation every. single. day. Yes, it’s confettied with “please stop talking when mommy and daddy are trying to have a conversation!!” but at least we’re in the same room. We’re getting together with friends, we’re having dinner with other adults, we’re preparing to stick one kid in kindergarten and one in preschool. ACK! How did that happen?

So amidst all of these things we’ve had little sprinkles of this and that. I’m trying to get reconnected with my step-sister who has a daughter Leah’s age. I’m 85% of the way done with potty training Leah. We’re preparing to go on a week long retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains next month. Life is good. Busy, but good.


Judy said...

You mom's news is OUTSTANDING!

And, while I have missed reading your blog, I totally understand. Family comes first, and now that you are all together...what a blessing!

Any moves to the East for you guys? HAHA

Andrea said...

Yay Aunt Linda!! I'm so happy! Boy you all are good at keeping secrets 'cause I had no clue. It sounds like you are enjoying being a family again! That's so great.

Novella is a salad bar queen. That's her favorite thing in the entire world. Funny isn't it?

Chris turns 30 next month but I don't have anything major planned. We'll be spending the week at our favorite camp ground and that's about it. Maybe I'll buy him a new tool or something. Boys always like that kinda thing. :)

I'm glad to hear that you're all well. I was beginning to worry and totally missed reading your thoughts but I agree with Judy. Family First!! Love and miss you all!