Saturday, October 28, 2006

That's Amore!

I walked out of the bathroom this morning to be greeted by Trey mooning me.

"Ummm, Trey, that is NOT ok. Where did you learn that?"


Right, your two year old sister showed you how to bend over, expose your white hiney and shake it at people. "No, who showed you how to do that?"


"Where did you see that?? Leah didn't show it to you and you didn't just make it up. Who showed you?"

"I dunno."

He'd make a great Prisoner of War. He never tells me where he learned his anti-ok behavior.

On an ironic note, Ashton Kutcher was on Leno last night sharing pictures of his white hiney which was mooning the different monuments in D.C. That's just un-American.



Judy said...

Unfortunately, shiny hinies are quite the norm with the male species. Travis, at 7, will still run through the house naked screaming, "Pinch me! Pinch me!"

Um, no. Not today or ever again, pal. I'm still waiting for the dose of modesty to kick in.

Manda said...

Wow all the stuff I get to look forward to!! I can't

Judy said...


Yes, I have pillows on my outdoor bench! I also have pretty potted plants opposite the bench and a cute bucket where I keep things like pens, puzzle books, toys for the kids - it is a mini living room. Travis plays quite a bit in the front yard, and when I was pregnant with Tyler, I wanted someplace nice to sit, so this is it. Just haven't changed it in over 2 years! HAHA

Our back porch has a sleeper sofa on it -- I should post about that because that is one heck of a story!