Sunday, January 01, 2006

Come On Baby, Drive My Car

While my poor, dead Saturn awaited it's final goodbye, we borrowed my boss' minivan. Hey, it's great that we were able to borrow a car since we didn't have rental insurance (which we have since added). One thing that we learned is that we did NOT want a minivan. Yes, they're great if you have a gaggle of kids or a band complete with instrument cases or a plethora of surfboards, though those usually require a VW bus. You do not get respect on the road or in the parking lot with a van. I heard a comedienne call minivans, um, do I say this? Vanginas because that's what you use to haul your kids around. Ha! If you have a van, of course this does NOT apply to you. I researched cars online, through the Kelley blue book website, through crash test websites in Consumer Reports until there was nothing left to compare. We were loyal and bought another Saturn. Just love 'em. They are the poor man's Volvo. We loved the new VUE's (which is what we had) but opted to go with a less expensive L-series (L stands for luxury, dahling) complete with sunroof! How cool is that? We bought the car on Thursday and my boss needed his vangina back on Friday to take the youth to winter camp for the weekend so everything worked out perfectly. Thanks, God. It's a little weird to be sitting so close to the ground after having been in an SUV for the past three years and I still swing a little wide to turn but it's great to have my own wheels again.

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Judy said...

Jen, you ought to take pictures of your new ride and post them! We need to start shopping around for new cars, as much as I hate to think about it. Ours are paid for, and the prospect of assuming one or two car payments scares me to pieces! I'd love to see what you got, though!