Friday, October 21, 2005

Random Thoughts

Why, oh why, am I still nursing the baby to sleep? How is it that at four months, we could put Trey in his crib, completely awake with a bottle of water and he'd go to sleep, yet at 16 months Leah will not sleep until she's fully satisfied and had her fill of me physically and emotionally?? She awoke at 10:45 last night and after trying to get her back down for two hours, I handed her off to Bill completely frustrated. They played Madden Football on the computer until 3am when she finally decided she was ready to go to sleep. She was too tired to fight for me and fell asleep against his chest.


How is it that after only three hours of sleep the baby is ready to start the day?? Why is it that she has decided not to sleep the night before my busiest day of work? Thank God Bill has the week off.


Does turning four initiate you into the horrible knock knock jokes that we will endure for years to come?

Trey: Knock knock
Us: Who's there?
Trey: Uhh...
Bill: This is where you're supposed to say something, son.

Trey: Knock knock
Us: Who's there?
Trey: Me.
Us: Me who?
Trey: It's Me! TREY!!

Oh, boy.

How long before he learns the banana, orange knock knock joke?


Complete and total evidence that I was born and raised in southern California:
Me: Hey, the weatherman said it was supposed to be in the 60's today. Is it still cold outside? (Being completely serious when I think that 60 is freezing).


Are we strange for having pancakes for dinner? How about the fact that I am about to smother them with creamy Skippy peanut butter before dousing them with syrup? Am I possibly related to Elvis in that we are having bacon on the side? The only thing missing is the banana.

Hey, at least the kids will actually eat dinner tonight.


I have known my dad for 29 years. Why is it that I never noticed he had a northern accent? As we talked on the phone he pointed out that a client could tell that he was from Michigan by his accent.

Huh? You don't have an accent!

Yeah, he could tell by the way I said "car".

Oh...guess you do kinda say car funny, but I never noticed. Dad, it's carrrrr.


Pictures of the pumpkin patch are forthcoming.


Bill said...

yes... good thing... i have... (yawn)... time off... zzzzzzzzzzz....

Manda said...

I love breakfast for dinner....YUMMY. We did that when I came over to your house when I was out there....heheheh

Anonymous said...

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Judy said...

We do breakfast for dinner quite often. The first time we did it Travis wanted to know when dinner would be when he went to bed...he was WAY confused!

Tammy said...

breakfast for dinner? SOunds good to me. Whatever works.

Hope you get some much needed rest soon. It;s not fun having to stay up with the kids and then having to take on the day. HUGS.

Mama Duck said...

Thanks for stopping by TKW!

"How is it that after only three hours of sleep the baby is ready to start the day??" six month old is the SAME way. As a matter of fact NO ONE slept last night due to her complete mix-up of day and night. Not fun.